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Fall League - Wednesday

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Fall League - Wednesday

It's not time to put the clubs away just yet. Come join us for a 4 week golf league full of fun, beer, and exciting golf formats. 2 player teams competing in a shortened golf season for lots of prizes.

Let's get your team registered. The cost is $100 per player. This covers your 4 rounds of golf, carts, and entry into the prize pool.

Round 1: Wednesday September 7, 2022

Round 2: Wednesday September 14, 2022

Round 3: Wednesday September 21, 2022

Round 4: Wednesday September 28, 2022

By clicking below you will register yourself and your teammate for a cost of $200.

*NOTE: On the checkout form, just ignore Player 3 Name and Player 4 Name, those are only applicable to Couple's Scramble Registration.

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