alpine golf course

Course Policies

Golf Course Policies

“Our goal is to share the gift of golf with those around us by making the game accessible to everyone. We aim to provide a fair priced, enjoyable, innovative golfing experience to members of the West Michigan community.”

Liquor License

We have a state of Michigan liquor license that requires us to regulate the sale of alcohol on our property. We offer canned beer, draft beer, liquor, and wine. We require players to adhere to the state law of no outside alcoholic beverages on property. If a player is caught with an outside alcoholic beverage of any kind, the product will be confiscated, if caught a second time, the player will be asked to leave the property. We appreciate your compliance with the state of Michigan law.

Golf Cart Rental

• In order to rent a golf cart, players must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver's license.

• If one player is playing golf and taking a cart, that player's spouse or significant other is allowed to ride along in the cart for free as long as the second player is not golfing and does not have golf clubs.

• The player is responsible for any damages incurred to the golf cart during the course of operation. If an instance is to occur, Alpine golf club will collect the player's contact information, the golf cart will be serviced by Yamaha golf carts and the responsible player will be billed accordingly.

Pace of Play

Golf is a game of honor and respect. To allow for the best possible experience, we anticipate a time of 2 hours and 15 minutes for 9 holes and 4 hours and 30 minutes for 18 holes. If a particular group is playing slow, holding up players behind them, the responsible group will be notified by an Alpine staff member. They will be asked to pick up the pace out of respect for the players behind them. Playing scramble is a great way to remain on pace!  

Numbers of Player in a Group

Out of respect for all players, we adhere to the rule of no more than 4 players per group and no more than 2 carts per group. If a group is playing with more than 4 players in a group, they will be asked by an Alpine staff member to split up into multiple groups. We follow this rule to ensure a positive experience for all players on property.

Rental Clubs

• The player must present a valid driver's license, Alpine will hold onto the driver's license until the player returns the clubs.

• The Player is responsible for any damage to equipment during use.

Rain Checks

We are more than happy to issue a rain check when necessary. If play is suspended due to weather, the golf shop will determine the appropriate way to handle the situation. Rain checks expire at the end of the season.